Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chennai City Industrial lands for SALE near harbor

Hello All,

INDUSTRIAL land near Chennai port :-I am trying to find buyers for 2 parcels of land inside Chennai city (India) near the MANALI HARBOR. One is of area 212 acres and the other is 70 acres. The parcels are located right beside the beach . The important landmarks and industries near the parcels include the harbor , coal plant,L&T Shipyard, Water treatment plant, then comes the 70 acre parcel of land and the 212 acre parcel with ABAN (power company) in between the 2 parcel of land. All these are in same straight line one after other beside the beach. There are other Power companies and other industries nearby. Cheaper rates than other metro areas.

The 70 acre parcel of land can be divided into 2 parcels of 30 and 40 acres if a buyer wants.I would want to mention that 70 acre  area is far more expensive than the 212 acre parcels . 70 acre parcels is fenced.

INDUSTRIAL  cum  RESIDENTIAL  land in Shree Perumbudur:-  400 acres on  the Sriperumbudur Thiruvallur Highway.It is next to Delphi TVS and a part of the property has been purchased by HUYNDAI VIA a sister concern of Huyndai Motors. The remaining property is available ie:@ 400 acres is 5-6 Km from the new International Airport project. The only remaining big property on this area .

Another 75 acres in the same region very near to the above 412 acre land . 9 kms from bus stand. SINGLE OWNER.

Documents are READY. NO LITIGATION in any parcels above .NO JOINT VENTURES. Interested buyers should contact below address .

Interested parties may find contact details below  :
    Name :-Jonak
    email:- jonak_dowerah@yahoo.co.in
    Thiruvanmiyur ,Chennai.

How to get it done:---Buyer contacts me and sets up an appointment with owner direct. Buyer meets Owner as well as takes a look at the plots. Bank statements might be asked to check and  verify genuine buyers .

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  1. Rough idea of price would be appreciated

  2. give me your number or mail it to me

  3. please send me a few jd jv proposals

  4. NO JOINT VENTURES ...sorry